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Educational package includes:

16 hours:

8 hours - lectures

8 hours - homeworks 


Interested in Upcycling but don't know what to start with? Start with denim! In this course you will learn about upcycling and upcycling techniques. You will need only two pairs of denim jeans to start creating. We will start development of the jeans with eco-friendly design techniques. As a result you will design and sew a perfect garment of neutral and avant-garde clothing styles.


Lesson 1 Upcycling and recycling fabrics techniques. 

Lesson 2 Eco-friendly design techniques. 

Lesson 3 Sustainable fashion approach 

Lesson 4 Designing and sewing a garment of neutral styles 

Lesson 5 Designing avant garde clothing styles.

Lesson 6 Specific technology of sewing

Lesson 7 Second hand clothes and recycling

Lesson 8 Original design of details and accessories 


- sheet of 8 questions to test 1 the main knowledge (for a written answer) (Word ) 20 min

- correct answer sheet  (Word) 10 min

- examples of students works  (PDF)

Sustainable fashion practice: denim course

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