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Educational package includes:

16 hours:

8 hours - lectures

8 hours - homeworks 


Learn about and practice Construction Techniques in Fashion Design
This course will give you understanding of how garments are made and you will try to sew your first garments.
You will learn the following:

Lesson 1  Body measurements and how to work with them

Lesson 2  Basics of draping, create a skirt

Lesson 3  Methods of working with darts

Lesson 4  Basics of pattern making and how to build original design

Lesson 5  Hand sewing and machine sewing techniques

Lesson 6  Sewing a skirt step by step: cut

Lesson 7  Sewing a skirt step by step: fitting

Lesson 8  Sewing a skirt step by step: sewing


- sheet of 8 questions to test 1 the main knowledge (for a written answer) (Word doc) 20 min

- correct answer sheet  (Word doc) 10 min

   examples of student work ( JPG doc)

- guide of fashion techniques  (brochure or video instruction for homework) (PDF doc)

Introduction to Fashion Techniques

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