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Educational package includes:

32 hours:

16 hours - lectures  (30 min each topic of the lecture)

16 hours - homeworks


Topic of lessons:

Lesson 1 Ancient Babylonian costume

Lesson 2  Influence of Greek culture

Lesson 3  Kingdom of Egypt

Lesson 4 Mediaeval costume. Early European era

Lesson 5  The Renaissance. Italian art and costumes. 

Lesson 6  Spanish costume of XVI century

Lesson 7  Germany costume of XVI century

Lesson 8  Fashion in France XVII century

Lesson 9  Clothes of  England.  XVI-XVII century

Lesson 10  Baroque and Rococo style in clothes. XVIII century

Lesson 11  Empire Style, Biedermeier costume of XIX century

Lesson 12  Mid 19th century fashion

Lesson 13 Fashion in the second half of the 19th century

Lesson 14 Modern clothes and accessories of the 19th-20th century

Lesson 15  Clothes of the Art Nouveau epoch. XX century

Lesson 16 Shaping the global fashion industry in the 20th century


- sheet of 8 questions to test 1 the main knowledge (for a written answer) 20 min (Word doc 17)

- sheet of 8 questions to test 2 the main knowledge (for a written answer) 20 min (Word doс 18)

- correct answer sheet (Word doc 19) 10 min

- examples of student's ppt ( JPG doc 20-25)

History of Costume

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