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2 hours:

1 hour - lecture

1 hour - homework


Have you heard of Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite? About the brand Moncler, which created Digital looks for the Fortnite characters? What, no? Then it is time to dive into this topic with us, because the Fashion industry works side-by-side with the Game Industry, and has already done for years. In this course we will talk about the earliest examples, how Fashion and Games interconnect nowadays and what it can lead to. 


Highlights of the lecture:

  • Video game fashion. How games are influencing the fashion industry

  • Shunsuke Saito, the creative designer of Gravity Rush knows how Kat puts on her clothes

  • Fashion of 21st century and its role  in video games

  • Digital looks for the Fortnite characters

  • How the Fashion industry works with the Game Industry

  • Examples of how Fashion and Games interconnect nowadays


Lesson 1 Game Industry and Fashion

- sheet of 8 questions to the main knowledge (for a written answer) (Word doc) 20 min

- correct answer sheet  (Word doc) 10 min

- examples of games styles pictures ( JPG )


Game Industry and Fashion

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