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Educational package includes:

32 hours:

16 hours - lectures

16 hours - homeworks


Highlights of the lecture: 

- Concepts of clothes and a model's look;
-  Research and creating a mood board ;
-  Sketching original clothing design; 
-  Colour theory, fashion colour trends in clothes;
-  New shapes of costumes and actual silhouettes;
-  Accessories and details of costume;
-  Technical drawings and designing ;
-  Creating final illustration and Fabric selection.


Topics of the lessons:

Lesson 1 Drawing fashion figures. Fashion stylization 

Lesson 2 Head and face drawing. Stylization accents 

Lesson 3 Fashion figure drawing 

Lesson 4 Exploring skin tone and drawing clothes 

Lesson 5 How to draw a costume using the figure templates 

Lesson 6 Individual face types and their stylization

Lesson 7 Head drawing and hair painting in fashion 

Lesson 8 How to use different styles of fashion illustration in your creative work  

Lesson 9  Introduction to design of visual lists. Middle test 1 preparation 

Lesson 10  Master Class. How to draw the shapes of costumes  

Lesson 11 Finding inspiration for creativity  

Lesson 12  Creation of a mood board design,   research and developing mood boards  

Lesson 13  Collage and fashion layout. Practice 

Lesson 14  Design preparation procedure. Introduction to portfolio preparation  

Lesson 15  Drawing of technical sketches 

Lesson 16  Preparing the presentation of the final work. Final test 2 preparation 


- sheet of 8 questions to test 1 the main knowledge (for a written answer) 20 min (Word doc)

- sheet of 8 questions to test 2 the main knowledge (for a written answer) 20 min (Word doс)

- correct answer sheet (Word doc) 10 min

- fashion figures templates  ( JPG doc)

- examples of students works ( JPG doc)

- guide of fashion design   brochure or 1 video instruction for lessons homework (PDF doc)

Fashion Design Studio

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