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Educational package includes:

32 hours:

16 hours - lectures

16 hours - homeworks 


This is a definitive course, which will help you to upgrade your admission portfolio. 
You will also learn CLO3D, which gives you new opportunities in creating fashion garments, so that you will stand out from among other students. Learning basics of this program will help you to earn money even before graduating, because most of the top companies require knowledge of CLO3D.


Topics of the course: 

Lesson 1 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop tools

Lesson 2 Colour correction, using basic image correction tools

Lesson 3 Digital Collage and moodboard

Lesson 4 Creating a moodboard for Fashion collection

Lesson 5 Creating fabrics using Photoshop tools

Lesson 6 Sketch scan, clean up and colour correction

Lesson 7 Creating prints and applying them to clothes

Lesson 8 Creating a Fashion look in Photoshop

Lesson 9 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Lesson 10 Practice of working with Adobe Illustrator tools

Lesson 11 Creating fabrics in Adobe Illustrator

Lesson 12 Creating professional technical drawings

Lesson 13 Development of 3 clothing models in Illustrator

Lesson 14 Portfolio layout of  a Fashion Collection in Photoshop

Lesson 15 The basics of working in the Clo3D program

Lesson 16 Skirt pattern making and rendering in CLO3D


- sheet of 8 questions to test 1 the main knowledge (for a written answer) 20 min (Word doc)

- sheet of 8 questions to test 2 the main knowledge (for a written answer) 20 min (Word doс)

- correct answer sheet (Word doc) 10 min

- examples of student’ s works ( JPG )

Digital Fashion course

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