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2 hour:

1 hour - lecture

1 hour - homework 


What is colour prediction? Which colours are more promising? Colour combinations and accents on individual garments. Basic and trendy colours of the season. Colour trends. You will explore these and many more questions in the Colour Theory for Fashion Design course.


Highlights of the lecture: 

  • Colour wheel, colour palettes; 

  • Fashion colours of aw season; 

  • Fashion colours of ss season; 

  • PANTONE system for garments. 

  • Colour combination 

  • Groups of colour palette by season, 

  • Textures of fabrics, 

  • Colour forecasting 


-  sheet of 8 questions to test the main knowledge (for a written answer) (Word ) 20 min

- correct answer sheet  (Word) 10 min

- guide to colours  (brochure or video instruction for homework) (PDF )


Colour Theory for Fashion Design Course

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