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We are helping high school graduates to enroll in the best Fashion Universities. After studying with us you will create your first portfolio.


International Online School of Fashion Studies was founded in 2011: due to the Covid-19 situation, in 2019, we began to provide online classes. 

The aim of the school is to help high school graduates to enter creative universities. We will give you a basic knowledge of the Fashion, Industry; and help you prepare a portfolio for admission to universities such as Donghua University, Wuhan Textile University, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and many others.




  Price: $190 

You will develop your first collection, from idea to final sketches, which will become a perfect part of your University Admission Portfolio.

The essential sketching exercises for designers & fashion sketching. Creating a mood board for collections sketches and technical drawing: selecting fabrics.


1. Concepts of clothes and the model's look. 
2. Research and creating of a mood board 
3. Sketching original clothing design 
4. Colour theory, fashion colour trends in clothes
5. New shapes of costumes and actual silhouettes
6. Accessories and details of costume 
7. Technical drawings and designing 
8. Creating the final illustration and Fabric selection.

Fashion Design Studio


Digital Fashion

  Price: $190 

The Definitive Guide to Design in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Digital collages, posters and fashion illustrations, to master your portfolio. Unique techniques for design sketching & drawing for fashion design.

Learn basics of CLO3D and start modeling your first digital fashion collection.


1. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop tools
2. Digital Collage and Moodboard
3. Sketch scan, clean up and colour correction
4. Creating a Fashion Collection in Photoshop
5. Introduction to Adobe Illustator
6. Creating professional technical drawings 
7. The basics of working in the Clo3D program
8. Designing part and virtual sewing of pattern


Development of creative thinking

  Price: $24 

Clothing design is a fun process that starts with the initial idea and is implemented in the finished product. Before creating fashion looks, designers learn to think creatively by doing basic, hands-on work that fosters the creative process. The course "Development of creative thinking" will provide tools and techniques for you to improve your creativity skill.


1) The concept of creativity in fashion;

2) Associative thinking and design;

3) Moodboard and costume forms;

4) Textures and colors according to the source of inspiration;

5) Pulsation of the suit shape;

6) Development of sketches for the collection;

7) How to create simple shapes of a costume from dummy fabric;