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  • How can I get videos?
    We will send you all course videos by email, there will be link, where you can download videos, so they will stay forever with you
  • How I can get programs like Photoshop, AI, CLO3D?"
    You can download trial versions of these programs on the original website, they will last for 7 days to 30 days, depending on the program. After the trial period finishes you can get the full version.
  • Who and how can review my homeworks?
    We provide additional service for an extra price to communicate with our students. We organize a Zoom conference, where your teacher will give you full feedback on your work. If you are willing to get feedback on your homework, send a message "Want feedback on my homework" on our email and we will add you to the online conference.
  • Does your school provide any sertificate?
    At the current moment we don't provide any certificate, but we are working on it, so you can have proof of getting professional education. We advise our students to work on their portfolio; this will be the best proof of your capability to be a designer which you could ever get.
  • What if I didn‘t found an answer?
    If you still have questions, please send a message with your question to our school's email: . We will reply to you as soon as possible!
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